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George's Antiques


Since 1967, George's Antiques has helped the area find all types of unique antiques and collectables. Our owner, George, aka "Hungarian George" has a unique collection of items that he started collecting since he was a young man.

A natural eye for interesting collectibles

George has an obsessive and compulsive nature that has served him well, as his collecting has blossomed into a business that includes a brick and mortar store, selling items at national antique shows, and a new online store.


We have unique items every day, so stop by and see what we have waiting for you. No matter what type of item you are looking for, there's a good chance you'll find it right here.

We take pride in one-of-a-kind items

- Emphasis on quality and workmanship

- Labor intensive techniques

- Items from 1800s to mid-1900's

- 5,000 square foot facility

- Located in downtown Fullerton

- Buying and selling items

- New unique arrivals everyday

Excellent Service

Since 1967

Buy and Selling

High-Quality Antiques


Stop by our location and we'll make sure you have all the best items for your location. For exceptional quality and items that you won't find anywhere else, we are the team to visit.

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